Tom Kat Ride: Sedan, KS – September 16, 2023

41. That was the official count for how many Kitties and Tom Kats attended the Tom Kat Ride. 216. That’s how many miles I logged; some did a lot more with further to go to get to the departure location and back home. Two. That’s how many Kitties made their debut ride today. Two to three. That’s how many times I thought we were going to get wet on the way to Sedan, but thank goodness, we never did. Although, one Kitty and Tom Kat did get wet. Krisi and Blake met us in Sedan and they ran into rain in Winfield. 103. That’s how many dollars were up for grabs in the 50/50 drawing. Dozens. That’s how many curves we enjoyed on the way home. One. That’s how many non-moving trains there were blocking our path. Too many to count. That’s how many great memories we made today!
When NoFacebookGreg and I walked in the door, he said and I quote, “That was a very successful Tom Kat Ride! What a great day!” Were there some missed turns by several groups? Yes. Did anyone die from said missed turns? No. So who cares, right?!
We got to meet our newest member, Beth, and her Tom Kat, Bob. It takes some grit to join a club and make your debut ride on the biggest ride of the season. We’re so glad you did Beth! The good news is you met a lot of Kitties today!
I gotta give Buck’s BBQ some mad props! Having 41 people arrive all at the same time is a tall order for any restaurant. Buck’s was prepared, extremely friendly, wicked fast with food orders, and the food they delivered was outstanding! At least that was the case for my table, I hope everyone had the same experience.
There are so many people to thank. Let’s start with the Excursion Kitties, Kathryn, Tina and Donna, for coming up with the idea to go to Buck’s. Not a lot of places can accommodate such a large group. They nailed it with this destination. Thank you Excursion Kitties!
Tina made a pre-trip last week and provided the Lead Riders with helpful information on the route and gas stations. Thank you, Amish, for all your recon!
NoFacebookGreg, Christine, Tina and Kathryn. These were the Lead Riders and we appreciate you getting us to Sedan and back safely!
Cindy, Jennifer and Jason, Melaina and Stuart and Angie. These were our Sweeps and we appreciate having capable riders at the back of the pack!
The more people, the harder the job. As our Club Photographer, Stephanie had to cover a lot of territory in the meeting location parking lot; had to skitter all over our private room at the restaurant and had the perfect fancy schmancy setup for getting our group pictures. Thank you BadA$$ for a job well done!
To those who couldn’t make it on the ride, you were missed! To those who did attend, I hope you shared the same sentiment as NoFacebookGreg!
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Janice, Founder

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