Communications Officer

The Communications Officer is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date email distribution list and disseminating all information to the Club to include Road Trip information; Winter Events information; charity event(s) information; writing the monthly newsletter; bringing forth issues for a Club vote; and any other information as necessary.  The Communication Officer is responsible for leading the Kitty Konference and compiling the data for discussion.  The Communications Officer is also responsible for maintaining and keeping the Club’s website current.

Excursion Officer

The Excursion Kitty (or Kitties) is responsible for determining the destinations for the season’s Road Trips and will provide the information to the Communications Officer prior to the start of the season.  In addition, she will research the town to select a restaurant where we will eat lunch (or dinner if an evening ride); make arrangements with the restaurant to include making reservations; and determine the route we will take to the town and back.  She is not responsible for leading the Road Trip unless she chooses to do so.  The Excursion Kitty is named at the annual Kitty Konference.  Kitties should be respectful in making comments to the Excursion Kitty in the event she gets “off route.”  Remember, it’s not the destination; it’s the journey.  Becoming lost provides another opportunity to see something KKMC might not have otherwise seen.  Comments made in fun should be taken in that vein by the Excursion Kitty .

Events Officer

The Events Kitty (or Kitties) is responsible for determining and organizing the Winter Events, as well as determining the date and destination for the Meow Mixers. The Events Kitty (or Kitties) is named at the Kitty Konference.

Safety Officer

The Safety Kitty is responsible for holding a brief safety meeting prior to the start of each Road Trip to discuss weather conditions, road conditions, etc.  In addition, the Safety Kitty is responsible for preparing for and leading the Annual Safety Meeting held in April of each year. The Safety Kitty is named at the annual Kitty Konference.

Charity Officer

The Charity Officer is responsible for coordinating KKMC’s involvement with Douglas Avenue Assembly of God Church and Family Promise. She is also responsible for organizing the volunteer efforts with the members of KKMC. The Charity Officer is named at the annual Kitty Konference.