Road Trips and Activities

Scheduled Road Trips:

  • The Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club will have scheduled road trips one day each month for the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October, weather permitting. The Excursion Kitty (or Kitties) will determine the destination for each ride at the beginning of the season.  (See “Officers” for specific responsibilities of the Excursion Kitty.)

Arrival For Road Trips:

  • Members should arrive at the designated meeting place 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  Motorcycles should have full gas tanks and be mechanically sound. Kitties should wear proper riding gear to include long pants and riding boots. KKMC does not require the use of a helmet; although we advise and encourage each member to do so.

Meow Mixers

  • Meow Mixers are a local lunch or dinner ride held during the riding season of April, May, June, July, August, September and October. They are held either on a weeknight for dinner or a Saturday or Sunday for lunch. The Events Kitty (or Kitties) is responsible for selecting the dates and destinations. (See “Officers” for specific responsibilities for the Events Kitty.) A Facebook Event will be created on the KKMC Private Facebook page and an event will be created on the KKMC website to communicate the information to the member.

Overnight Trip

  • The decision as to whether there will be an overnight trip is made each year at the Kitty Konference (see “Kitty Konference” to learn more about this meeting.) If the membership votes to have an overnight trip that year, the destination and date may be determined at the Kitty Konference.  If the decision is not made at the Kitty Konference, the Excursion Kitty (or Kitties) will select a destination and date and communicate that to the members. Typically, the distance for an overnight trip is 400-500 miles and is three days (ie., Friday, Saturday and Sunday.)

Winter Activities:

  • KKMC participates in one activity each month for the months of January, February and March.  The Events Kitty (or Kitties) is responsible for selecting and organizing the Winter Events.  (See “Officers” for specific responsibilities of the Events Kitty.)  Attendance at the Winter Events is not required; however, members are encouraged to attend so that they can stay connected with one another during the off season.

Charitable Organization

  • Currently, the charitable organization that KKMC supports is Family Promise of Greater Wichita, which is an organization that provides meals and overnight shelter to homeless families. In all cases, the families include children. KKMC partners with Douglas Avenue Assembly of God Church who hosts families four times a year for one week at a time. KKMC assists Douglas Avenue in providing the evening meals, chaperoning the overnight stays and purchasing needed items for the church and the Family Promise day house.