Kold Kar Kitties: Burrton, KS – October 14, 2023

Two words: cold. windy. One more word: thankful. That’s how the day started yesterday for the October Ride or Drive to Burrton. When we all arrived at the meeting destination, it was super windy and cold and we were thankful to be driving to Burrton. Well, everyone except for two “intrepid” (quoting Tina) Kitties who arrived on motorcycles. Who were these crazy, uh, I mean intrepid Kitties? Stella and Beth! They slapped on all the leather they could find and said, “We ain’t scared of no cold wind, we’re riding!” And ride they did! They said it wasn’t that bad. I said, “Really? Because I was cold in the car!” Way to be tuff Kitties Baby Gap and Beth!
It was so cold out when we arrived at the QuikTrip that I looked at Tina, who was one of my car-sheltered buddies and with imploring eyes, said, “I don’t know how I’ll take roll call from inside the car.” Tina picked up what I was throwing down and said, “I’m not as bothered by the cold as you. Do you want me to go around and check Kitties off your list?” I responded, “Well, if you insist.” 😄 Thank you Amish!
It was so cold out, that I didn’t know how I was going to take pictures of the intrepid Kitties and those few brave enough to stand outside before departure time. Fortunately, Stella telepathically knew Janice wasn’t leaving the shelter of the car and went into action snapping pictures of Kitties inside and outside of cars. Thank you, Baby Gap!
The weanie Kitties consolidated ourselves in cars and at 10:30 sharp, we pulled out headed to Burrton with the car I was in, driven by Pat, leading the caravan. It was a short, easy drive to The Barn (said the person who was comfortable in the backseat of a car sipping hot tea) where we met up with Kathryn, Donna, Sheryl, Dawn and her guest, Karen (who was not a “Karen” at all!) who drove directly to the restaurant. Speaking of guests, Serena also brought a guest and Brandi was an absolute delight! The Barn was ready and waiting for us and we were immediately seated.
Because it was so cold outside at the QuikTrip, we decided we would sell the 50/50 tickets at the restaurant. Houston, we have a problem. Jennifer has the tickets. Where is Jennifer? Has anyone seen Jennifer? Has anyone heard from Jennifer? It was time to face reality…Jennifer is MIA, along with the tickets. Lily and Donna Crays snapped into action and confiscated a couple of sheets of order tickets from the hostess stand and started ripping them in pieces and selling them. One ticket cost you $5.00. We wrote our names on the ticket and threw it in a baggie, that somehow magically appeared. Congratulations, Julie, on your $53.00 windfall!
The wait staff were super quick and awesome and food came flying out of the kitchen. While we waited, there was lots of lively chatter and I had a very interesting conversation with Sonja and Kim about unusual things that have been found by medical personnel in “nature’s pocket”, which ironically became a topic of conversation at my lunch table. What is a “nature’s pocket” you ask? Well, let’s just say only ladies have one. We’ll let it go at that. 🤭
I spent some time chatting with both our guests, Karen and Brandi, and I REALLY hope they decide to join KKMC because me loved them so much! They fit in beautifully!
After filling our bellies with good food and asking Karen to draw the 50/50 ticket, we piled outside to get the group picture. It had warmed up just a smidgen, so I put my big girl panties on and braved it. Our waitress snapped several pictures and before everyone scattered to cars and two bikes, I yelled “Don’t leave! I have an important announcement to make!” On October 7, 2018, Sheryl joined KKMC and she was presented with her 5-year patch! Congratulations Zipper! It’s been a joy and pleasure having you as a member and friend these past five years! I can’t wait to make more memories with you! ❤️
Thank you to all the drivers yesterday! We appreciate you stepping up and “taking the wheel!”
And that’s the proverbial mic drop! I wish we could have wrapped up our 19th season with ALL of us on bikes, but the important thing is we all were still together. 2023 was a great season of rides and mad props go out to our Excursion Kitties Kathryn, Tina and Donna for planning and executing them for us. They were at the top of their game each and every month. I am, we all are, so grateful for your outstanding organization and leadership! I also would like to thank all the Lead Riders and Sweep Riders who served this year, along with those who volunteered when the scheduled Lead Rider couldn’t attend the Road Trip. For those of you who are newish to KKMC, getting Lead Riders each month used to be such a painful process but not anymore! So, thank you for that!
We welcomed six new Kitties to KKMC this year and each of them fit in right away and became valued and important additions to our Club. Thank you, Diane, Cina , Joanna, Adelle, Carol and Beth for taking a chance on us and saying Sign Me Up! We can’t wait to make more memories with you and get to know you even better!
Thank you to Stephanie and all her assistants who took pictures over the entire season. Our events and rides are forever memorialized by your amazing photos, and we all appreciate you, especially Stephanie, for always being on the job!
And, of course, thank you to each and every one of you for showing up! I know there are a million things that demand your time and attention. The fact that you set those aside on Kitty Day is what makes this Club so successful. Your loyalty and love for KKMC and your Sisters is clearly evident and it truly touches my heart. Thank you for coming with great attitudes and whatever may be going on behind the scenes at home, you all also put that aside and arrive with a smile and “Let’s have fun” spirits. Thank you all for that! ❤️
This now begins the Winter Event season beginning with the Soup Potluck on November 4th. 
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Janice “Queenie”
KKMC Founder

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