As the saying goes – If you build it, they will come.
After completing the Motorcycle Safety Course and a few months of riding experience under my belt, I was hooked by the thrill and freedom of riding.  Soon I was joined by one friend, then two and then three and I knew we weren’t alone – there had to be other women in the Wichita, Kansas area who felt the same.  After forming the Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club in August 2004, we set out to spread our enthusiasm to women who had the same passion.  At the end of KKMC’s first riding season, the club grew from just four women to 31!  Our members are women who have families, careers, and other life obligations, but yet once a month, we put all that aside.  After turning the key and pulling back on the throttle, there’s only one thing on our minds and that’s living life on two wheels.  The mission of our Club is promoting the image and recognition of female motorcyclists in a safe and responsible manner, combined each year with assisting those in need with an annual charity event.

Thanks for visiting our website and whether you’re an experienced rider, a beginner rider, or a rider wannabe, we welcome your comments.

Safe Riding!

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