Frequently Asked Questions

We have scheduled rides (Road Trips) one day each month during the riding season. We define the riding season to be April through October. The Road Trips are determined at the beginning of the season by the Excursion Kitty (or Kitties). (See “Officers” for specific responsibilities for the Excursion Kitty.)
The monthly Road Trips vary depending on the destination, but usually between four to six hours. We take the necessary gas breaks while on the monthly Road Trips.
Before the season begins, an email will be sent to all members as soon as the Road Trip destinations are determined by the Excursion Kitty (or Kitties.) About a week before the Road Trip, an Event will be created on the private KKMC Facebook page providing all the details of the trip. In addition to the Facebook Event, the details will be posted on the website’s Member Only Event page. We request that members arrive 30 minutes before the departure time. Bikes must have a full tank of gas and be mechanically sound.
Yes. Currently, the charitable organization KKMC supports is Family Promise of Greater Wichita, which is an organization that provides meals and overnight stays for families who are homeless. In all cases, these families include children. KKMC partners with Douglas Avenue Assembly of God Church who provides overnight shelter and meals four times a year for a week at a time. KKMC assists Douglas Avenue with the evening meals, chaperoning the overnight stays and purchasing needed items for the church and the Family Promise day house. The decision to continue to support Family Promise is voted on each year at the Kitty Konference, the Club’s annual meeting, usually held in February.
Yes. We have an entire Kitty Mall from which members can shop for logoed items. To receive the best prices, we only print shirts when we have a minimum order of 48 shirts. This typically occurs two to three times a year. We do require that each member wear a Kitty shirt on all rides and at all Club sanctioned events. New members are asked to have shirts made for them as soon as reasonably possible. In the meantime, we have a Kitty Kloset from which new members can borrow shirts that have been donated by members.



Yes, the annual dues are $40.00 and are due at the time of making application and every April thereafter. The Club’s Founder, Janice, will invoice you in March for the new season’s dues. If you are joining the Club in September, the dues are prorated. If you join the Club in October or after, full dues of $40.00 must be paid; however, it will be applied to the next year’s dues payment.
It's easy. Simply complete the Membership Application from the website. Dues can be paid by PayPal or Venmo. Applications will not be processed until the payment is made. You can contact the Founder, Janice, by emailing her at regarding any questions you might have regarding the Club or membership.  After Janice receives your application and dues, she will contact you for additional information.