New Member Requirements:

  • Potential members must be at least 21 years old and have a valid motorcycle license.
  • Potential members must own, or have access to, a motorcycle.
  • Members are required to wear a Kitty shirt on all rides or Club sanctioned events.  (See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about how to purchase a Kitty shirt.)
  • Potential members must complete a Membership Application form which will be automatically emailed to the Founder, Janice.
  • To maintain active membership status, members must attend two (2) KKMC Road Trips per year.  If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a member from meeting this requirement, she should discuss this with the Founder, Janice, as soon as possible.  Once approved by the Founder, the Kitty will be exempt from meeting the two-ride requirement and her absence will not affect her membership status.  Examples of extenuating circumstances are poor health condition of the member or a close family member; injury to the member; or impending death or death of a close family member.  Being busy would not qualify as an extenuating circumstance.  If a Kitty does not meet the two-ride requirement, then her status will not be renewed for the following season.  She is welcome to rejoin the Club in future years thereafter.  It is the Club’s belief that it is better to have a small group of members who actively participate than a large group of members who rarely, if ever, participate and being an active participant will provide a more enjoyable experience in the Club.
  • The Club reserves the right to remove a Kitty from active status due to poor or unsafe behavior, or any other extreme behavior, at the discretion of the Founder, Janice.
  • KKMC does not allow the consumption of alcohol during a Road Trip or any other Club sanctioned riding event.

Membership Dues:

  • KKMC dues for members are $40.00 per year and are due on April 1st or when joining the Club.  New member dues will be invoiced through Paypal or Venmo and new memberships will not be activated until the dues are paid.  If a member joins KKMC in September, then her dues will be prorated for the remainder of the riding season.  If a member joins KKMC in October, then her dues will apply to the following season.  Joining the Club in any other month will be $40.00 and will not be applied to the following season.  If a member voluntarily drops from the Club mid-season, her dues will not be refunded.  If a member is involuntarily deactivated, her dues will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • If KKMC should ever disband, all remaining money in the Treasury will be used to reimburse Janice, Founder, for out of pocket expenses related to the start-up of the Krome Kitty Motorcycle Club.  If after making reimbursement there are funds remaining in the Treasury, they will be donated to a charity to be named at the time of disbandment.

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