Kitty Konference and Annual Safety Meeting

Kitty Konference

The Kitty Konference is KKMC’s annual meeting usually held in February.  At the meeting, a review of the prior season is provided and issues or problems that occurred during the season are discussed. In addition, topics such as the season’s overnight trip; charity event(s); Officer election; and other matters brought before the Club will be voted on. Attendance at the Kitty Konference is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

Annual Safety Meeting

KKMC’s annual Safety Meeting is held during the April’s Meow Mixer. At the meeting, issues or problems that occurred in the prior year will be discussed, as well as a review of hand signals and important safety tips will be held. The Safety Officer is responsible for preparing for and leading the meeting. Attendance at the Safety Meeting is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. KKMC’s motto is Safety First, Fun Second!