Tutu Cute! – May 21, 2023

All the Kitties were TUTU excited for our ride today! 19 Kitties arrived at the QT looking their fanciest and ready for a beautiful day of riding.
Tina immediately hopped off her bike upon arrival with her notepad and pen taking attendance! She took her job very seriously, Queenie!
Christine huddled us up to go over the ride, weather, and of course, lead us in our riding prayer. She introduced herself to our newcome, Cina, as “Bossy Pants.” She kind of lived up to it today, but in a GREAT way! Thank you, Glitter, for always keeping us safe and informed.
Kim took her maiden voyage as lead rider today. She led eight Kitties safely to our destination, with Frogger (Donna) as her sweep. I know for a fact she couldn’t get lost because I mapped the directions on Google maps and sent them to her while I was at her house last night. Then I gave her a sedative and told her it will all be ok! You did great, Lol Pibble!!
We got word that Deborah was in route after having trouble with her bike. I may or may not have frowned a little. having studied the map and knowing it better than the back of my hand. Deborah made it just in the knick of time and fell in the back of the line quickly. Deborah, you made my day!! I’m sorry you had so many troubles with your bike, but we’re so glad you made the ride! So, with me (on my maiden voyage as lead rider as well) leading the second group, we rode off. We did get a little off course since Stephanie got a little antsy with the gas stop. I’m sorry, Steph, I had to. LOL! We arrived at the ASSIGNED gas stop right as the first group was leaving, so I guess we still made great time. Tina ran sweep for the second group.
Kathryn and Danielle, along with her father, met us when we all arrived at Dave’s Pizza Oven in Coldwater, KS. They were super quick getting our orders and getting them out to us. I think we were all impressed at how quick it went. Great choice Excursion Officers! Christine and Melaina had to leave early so Christine could make it to a graduation, so we decided to take our group pic before our food got to the table. I had to wrangle Tina from passing out Kitty loot to the patrons. You’ll see in the pics that we literally just landed where we could in the group photo. 
The Northern Kitties scampered off and the rest of us all took off shortly after. Some of us decided to take another route home and ran into a bridge that was out. We took a short detour and made our way back on course.
We missed our Queenie. Janice, you would be proud of your litter for being on top of their jobs you assigned them!
Stephanie, thank you as always for capturing the best pictures and making us look MEOWvelous!
Submitted by Jennifer (Nightingale)
KKMC Member

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