International Female Ride Day – May 6, 2023

We could not have ordered up a better day to celebrate International Female Ride Day! Abundant sunshine, super warm temperatures with a little wind, but not too bad. After lots of chatting time, even more pictures taken at the QuikTrip and everyone “buttoned up” with Krome Kitty custom made IFRS buttons, we biked up and took the scenic route to El Dorado. 
Stephanie made her debut Lead Ride and she did GREAT leading the first group right to the door of True Lies Ranch Hand and Steakhouse, with Donna serving as Sweep. Kari led the second group, with Tina providing Sweep. We all poured into the restaurant and kept the sole waitress, who did an awesome job, hopping with drink and food orders. For the return trip home, it was agreed that Kari and Stephanie would lead one group the “fun” way home and I would lead a group the “fast” way home.
Everything went textbook perfect today….with two mishaps. Pat’s bike battery decided today was the day to take its last gasp and left her stranded at the QuikTrip at Ridge Rd. and 21st St. She called her Tom Kat, Larry, who picked her up on his trike and they dropped by to see us off on the way to Twister City to get a new battery. What we didn’t know until much later is this ended up being an all day battery installation. In their “let’s make this as difficult as possible” wisdom, Harley Davidson decided to change the location for the battery with lots of bits and parts to have to remove and more than a few cuss words!
The second mishap required some creativity and a lot of duct tape! Brenda lost the solitary screw that held her entire dash onto her bike. With the assistance of a LOT of bright red duct tape, the dash was held securely in place to get Brenda through the ride. Now to get that screw replaced.
THANK YOU to the Leads and Sweeps for getting us to El Dorado and back safe and sound!
THANK YOU to Pat and Larry for mapping out the scenic route for us!
THANK YOU to our Club Photographer, Stephanie, and secondary Club Photographer, Kim, for taking oodles of great shots! These posts would be very boring without your pictures!
THANK YOU to all the Kitties who took time out of your day to celebrate International Female Ride Day! You all make being a female and a rider so much fun! 

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