Bike Blessing – April 2, 2023

What. A. Perfect. Day!! I commented at lunch that we always manage to have a good weather day for the Bike Blessing (for the record, I did knock on wood when I said it), but today was the warmest of them all! It was super windy when we first arrived at the meeting location, but it did seem to die down even before we left for the church.
Shortly after Greg and I arrived, we had a man approach our gathering group on a bicycle and at first, I thought he was coming to admire the bikes. It didn’t take long to realize he was not admiring the bikes, but rather went into attack mode and started shouting accusations at us for being the root cause of all the problems in the world. He wrongly assumed that since we had motorcycles, we were all “rich M….F….ers” and went all cra cra on us. Greg immediately tried to tell him to move on and blocked him from getting any closer to our group, which were all ladies at the time. I tried to tell him he didn’t want a piece of what was about to show up (meaning Jennifer’s Tom Kat Justin and all the Fire and Iron riders), but he was on such a roll about murders we were responsible for etc. etc. etc., that I don’t think he heard me. He eventually wandered off, but decided for his next cry for attention, he would throw his bicycle right into the middle of West St. Well, he got lots of attention alright…from the PoPo as that’s when Greg called the police. Now that he was in the capable hands of the Wichita Police Department, we could get back to more pleasant business. Like looking cute for parking lot pictures, selling 50/50 tickets and exchanging lots of hugs.
I gathered everyone together for some brief instructions and with Kathryn blocking traffic in her car, our huge line of bikes poured out of the parking lot headed to the church.
Hold up! We have a problem Houston. Brenda’s bike wouldn’t start so Melaina offered to stay and see if she could get it running and would try to meet us at the church. Turns out that bike wasn’t good anywhere soon, so Brenda’s husband was called, but by the time that all happened, it was too late to join the blessings. Thank you, Wrench, for staying with your Kitty Sister! ❤️
The first little surprise we had when church services let out was a dadgum bagpipe player! Try saying THAT five times! 😄 He entertained us for a few minutes before Pastor Clayton and Pastor Bob came out of the church. Pastor Clayton welcomed everyone and said a prayer for the group. We were then treated to another bagpipe song and then the individual bike blessings began. Photographer Gary scurried around like the Energizer Bunny getting pictures of blessings and candid shots. 
After all the blessings were completed, we gathered for the Kitty group picture and then the ALL group picture. Gary said, “Hold up! I gotta switch to the wide angle lens!” What are you trying to say Photographer Gary?? 😄
Then it was time to draw the 50/50 ticket and Jennifer gave Pastor Clayton the honors. I said, “Be good to your Mom boy!” Was he? He sure was! I went away $63.00 richer!
And then there was this! Jennifer and Justin made the most amazing momento for all the Kitties who had signed up for the Bike Blessing! Jennifer had asked permission to use the Kitty logo and asked that I trust her. “I promise you will love it!” When she got them finished, she asked if I wanted to see them and I said no, I DO trust you and I want to be surprised. Man, we ALL were surprised! Check out the picture to see what we got. THANK YOU, Jennifer and Justin, for the time and patience you put into making these wonderful keepsakes and for praying over them before they were given to us. This was far more than I imagined and I love it! Oh yeah, big ole biker dude Justin was the one who thought of this idea. I think he just earned himself the title of King Tom Kat! ❤️
The Kitties then rode to Spears for lunch and the rest of the bikers went their own way. After filling our bellies full of every kind of diet cheat food imaginable, we waddled out to our bikes to make our way home.
Another Bike Blessing, one of my favorite events of the year, was over. Thank you to Pastor Clayton and Pastor Bob for doing this for us every year. We always feel a lot safer after the blessings! Also, thank you to Gary for always always saying Yes when I ask him to take pictures! He manages to be everywhere at once; has a smile on his face the entire time; never gets flustered with shouts of “Gary, take a picture of this!” and spends HOURS going through hundreds of photographs to edit and make sure we have the best shots. I’m so glad Gary is in my family so I can abuse his good nature and photography skills! ❤️
With the Safety Meeting reminders and our bodies and bikes blessed, we are prepared for a fun and SAFE riding season!! 
Those on board for the Bike Blessing were Janice, Brenda, Kathryn, Stella, Melaina, Pat, Tina, Alice, Bobbie, Stephanie, Kari, Kim, Susan, Maureen, Christine, Donna, Jennifer, Cindy, Angel, Lily, Linda, lots of Tom Kats and Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club members.
Janice – Founder

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