Heart Kitties – August 27, 2023

A year or so ago, the Kitties were inspired to recreate a picture that had been found on the internet. The pictures was a group of bikes positioned into a heart shape. Hey, we could do that and we did! It was so much fun doing this! Following are the people who were responsible for making it all happen.

Angie is who found the original inspiration picture and was the one who suggested we recreate it. Thank you, Angie, for sharing it, suggesting it and taking part in it!
Pat and Maureen. As the Events Kitties, they were responsible for coming up with a venue to have enough space to have us gather for the picture. They worked with Hartman Arena to get permission and met there with others to work out the logistics. Pat kept us well informed through Facebook and because of that, we knew exactly where to go. Thank you Ice and Moonshine for a well-executed plan and superb communication!
Dawn and Gene. Sure, it wasn’t the 107° that we had had all week leading up to this day, but standing in the hot sun was still…well, hot. Gene knew we were going to be some thirsty Kitties and brought a cooler full of ice-cold water. That quite literally was a life saver! Thank you, Dawn and Gene, for knowing what we needed even when we didn’t!
All the Heart Kitties. To all those who participated in the Heart Picture, thank you for your kind cooperation, your great attitudes and never once saying “How much longer is this going to take? I’m hot!” Even having to move bikes several times to get the right placement was always met with a can-do attitude. Thank you Sweet Kitties!
Stephanie and Donna. While I was in the parking lot taking pictures of the bike placements, BadA$$ and Frogger were taking their own pictures. Thank you both for providing some great shots of the day!
And most importantly, Jennifer and Justin. Where do I even begin in thanking you for dedicating a Sunday afternoon to this project; the planning of how to get us in the shape of a Heart; the calm, cool approach to getting us all in position and the time you spent editing all the videos and pictures. At one point after we were all in position, Stephanie looked over at me and asked, “Aren’t you glad you aren’t organizing this?” I responded, “Oh my God, I’m so glad!” The amount of thought and planning this took for getting 24 bikes in a heart shape was mind boggling! Jennifer and Justin had it all worked out in their heads, right down to where the three-wheeled bikes would go and where the two-wheeled bikes would go. It was perfection! Jennifer and Justin were the ones who thought to also add some creativity with Kitties by having us stand inside the Heart. I would never have thought of that and it was brilliant! Of course, the drone had to be operated by someone and that someone was Justin! Thank goodness we had a master on the stick because Justin was outstandingly good at getting shots and videos without a million takes. Nightingale and Justin, we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us! I think we can all agree Justin has earned himself the title of Tom Kat of the Year 2023! Kitty Kisses to you both! (With Jennifer’s permission to Kitty Kiss Justin, of course!
Submitted by:
Janice, Founder