Kar Kitties – April 22, 2023


Whenever we have to switch gears and go by car, I ALWAYS am second guessing myself the morning of. This morning was no different. As soon as I woke up, I looked outside and the sun was starting to shine and the second guessing began. “Could we have ridden today?” “Is it really that cold out?” It only took about 60 seconds of standing in the QuikTrip parking lot for all my second guessing to be put to rest. It was flipping cold and windy! So cold and windy, in fact, that the small group I was chatting with and I collectively decided to high tail it into the store, where all of the Kitties stayed until it was departure time. I wish we could have been on motorcycles, but if we made the decision to not ride, then it darn well better have been for a good reason and it definitely was.

We all, with the exception of Dawn, Angel and Donna who drove directly to the restaurant and Sherri and Stella, who stayed in their car, gathered around near the door of the QuikTrip. We occasionally allowed customers to enter and exit and get drinks from the fountain area. There were several police officers who threaded their way through our large group and I held my breath each time, hoping they weren’t going to shoo us outside with a stern warning to stop loitering inside the store. They didn’t. Whew!

Jennifer sold 50/50 tickets and devised a new and improved way of handling the tickets and money at the same time. That’s what you call being smart and creative Nightingale! 

With everyone present and accounted for and everyone previously grouped in vehicles, we “carred up” and headed to Durham, KS. The one advantage of being in cages, other than being toasty warm, was getting the opportunity to have lots of chatting time. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the ladies in my carpool and I’m sure the other Kitty Karloads felt the same.

We all arrived safely at Main Street Cafe and were united with Dawn, Angel and Donna. Christine had brought the safety items we had made for the Cars and Coffee events and it was like a feeding frenzy of Kitties grabbing items to pass out at work and other opportunities to share the “Watch for Motorcycles” message. At the time we were doing this, there were only two gentlemen in the restaurant so I grabbed two koozies and two eyeglass cleaning cloths and interrupted their meal with my spiel of we are a female motorcycle club and we would love for them to help spread our message. They gladly accepted the gifts and one of the gentlemen even asked for a yard sign and said he would proudly display it in his yard. The other one said he would, but he lived in the middle of nowhere and no one would ever see it. That’s fair.

We ordered food, we ordered more food, we ate, some ate pie before their meal (brilliant move!), we chatted, we made the wait staff earn every single penny of their tips and we enjoyed each other’s company, as always.

Dawn had previously told me that we were only a few miles from the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, so I announced to the group for anyone who wanted to make a stop to possibly spot bison or elk on their way home, this was a great opportunity.

Jennifer was ready to pull the winning ticket and there was such a hullabaloo about no fair if Janice wins, I think it’s rigged if Janice wins, I refuse to buy tickets again if Janice wins that I promised if my ticket was drawn, we would have a redraw. I didn’t say I PINKY promised, so would I have really?? 😂 Well, we’ll never know because my ticket was not drawn. Pat was the lucky winner of $63.00!

We all gathered outside for the group picture and just as Stephanie was getting ready to rig up a remote control camera on the hood of Dawn’s car, a very nice, very tall gentlemen intercepted and said how about I take the picture? Yeah, how about you do that? He even told us to say Here Kitty Kitty! I loved that he saw our shirts and said that!

THANK YOU to all those who joined us on a Kitty Ride that turned into a Kitty Drive! I was concerned we would lose a bunch of people when we switched to cars, but only three Kitties had to cancel for other reasons. ❤️

THANK YOU to all those who raised their hands and offered to be a driver! We all appreciate you using your car, your gas to do that for us! ❤️

And of course, THANK YOU to our Club Photographer, Stephanie, for once again, making sure she got all of us in a picture. You’re the best BadA$$! ❤️

Those on board for the “Kar Kitties” drive were Janice, Brenda, Lily, Nellie, Kristi, Stella, Melaina, Pat, Tina, Alice, Bobbie, Stephanie, Kari, Kim, Christine, Julie, Donna, Jennifer P., Sherri, Diane, Dawn, Angel and Cindy.


Founder – KKMC