Anthony – July 15, 2017

A Kansas tornado spins you around and then often spits you out at a different location than you expected.  And that is what happened to us for the second month in a row.  We expected to go one place and ended up going somewhere different, just like life.  But everything came out OK in the end.

On a hot Saturday, at 9:30 a.m., the Krome Kitties met at the Quik Trip located at Maize and Kellogg with initial intentions to ride to Wakita, OK, where the film Twister was shot; eat lunch at the Twister Café, and visit the Twister Museum.  Sadly, due to the restaurant owner’s husband’s recent passing, the Twister Cafe was closed. We kept the owner in our thoughts and completely understood why the restaurant was closed. But we needed another place to eat lunch, and our wonderful excursion Kitties made a great plan B.

They selected Kristy’s Café in Anthony, KS for our lunch destination since it was on the way to Wakita, OK.  Because the weather was quite hot, we decided while we were at the Quik Trip in Wichita that a ride to Anthony for lunch and back was a good, modified plan. The Kitties on the road to Anthony, KS included Dawn (who was graciously volunteered to be our lead rider), Maureen, Suz, Alice, Brenda, Linda, Sue, and Nellie, was our sweep rider.  Our Oklahoma based Kitty, Sherri, met us at Kristy’s.  It was great to see her.  She had a longer ride to get to Anthony than the rest of us had from Wichita. 

We enjoyed our lunch with yummy sandwiches and Italian dishes.  Alice won the 50/50 drawing, and came away with an extra $20!  After our lunch, we decided we needed to support Anthony’s downtown merchants, so we shopped at Country At Heart, next door to Kristy’s.  They had such cute things and many of us left with more than we had when we got there (except for money).

Prior to leaving town Dawn, Linda, and Alice stopped back by Kristy’s to use the facilities and it was there that we learned that the Kitties were the talk of the town. The townsfolk weren’t quite sure what a group of female motorcycle riders were going to do in their little town so they were interested to know more.  We learned that one of the Anthony residents sitting at the bar across the street called us Female Hells Angels.  We found the comment amusing to say the least.  Little did they know we were there to eat, visit, and shop.  After lunching and shopping, we got on our bikes and headed back to Doo Dah.  Luckily, it wasn’t as hot as it could have been, but it sure was hot enough to be damn hot.  It was a good ride enjoyed by all.  We missed our Kitty sisters who weren’t there with us…but we know that there is next time!


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