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Krome Kitty (KKMC) Terms And Condtions

Motorcycling is inherently a dangerous sport. While KKMC places a great deal of importance to riding safely, unexpected emergencies are possible. KKMC is not responsible or liable for any damage to or loss of your motorcycle, nor is KKMC responsible or liable for any injuries you sustain while riding with KKMC. KKMC does not require the use of a helmet; however, we strongly advise and encourage all Kitties to wear one. KKMC requires each Kitty to wear sensible riding gear, such as long pants and riding boots.

By submission of this application I certify that the information I have provided is true and correct. I have read the member and dues requirements and I agree to promote the image of women motorcyclists by contributing to a safe and fun environment.
I understand that in order to maintain my active status as a member, I must attend at least two Road Trips per riding season.  I understand that by not meeting this requirement, I will not be allowed to renew my membership for the following season, but I would be eligible to apply for membership the season thereafter or any season thereafter.