A “May” Be Ride – May 19, 2013


“We’re sorry, but your regularly scheduled ride has been interrupted by a special broadcast of Mother Nature.  Riding will resume..but not today.”

Such was the case of the May ride to the Tallgrass Prairie Museum and lunch at the Hays House in Council Grove.  Seeing that Kansas could potentially be blown into the Land of Oz, Christine came up with a back-up plan to at least have breakfast together at Stearman Airport in Benton.  However, as we watched the radar and checked with the Kitty’s Personal Weather Man, Kevin, on Saturday, Christine and I decided that we could probably squeeze in a short ride before the storms made their appearance in late afternoon.  Thus, the back-up plan to the back-up plan was initiated.

Sure, it was a quarter of the distance; there wasn’t the customary meet and greet at the departure location; and there wasn’t a single piece of pan-fried chicken in sight, but nine Kitties came out to play as we rode to and lunched at Playa Azul in Augusta.  (Side note: let it be known that Nellie who can sit on a bike and haul herself to Sturgis without blinking an eye, did not make the three-block ride to Playa Azul.  Apparently, unless you’re gonna log a minimum of 200 miles, it just ain’t worth firing up the ole Hog when you have a perfectly good car in the garage.  Be aware that she may offer some lame excuses about her bike being blocked by decking material and her husband being cranky and she didn’t want to ask him to move it, blah, blah, blah.  I don’t know who you think you’re fooling, Nellie, but we don’t believe a word of that cock and bull story!)

Even though our time together was short, there were plenty of laughs and information shared.  For instance…

Did you know…Colleen is involved in a charitable organization called Project Change and they voted to honor our very own Kitty adopted charity, the YWCA Domestic Abuse Shelter, as one of their beneficiaries this year?  They initiated “Spare a Square” and began a quest to collect as much toilet paper as they possibly could to give to the Domestic Abuse Shelter.  At the end of the collection, they turned over an impressive 311 rolls!  Hey, everyone’s gotta poop, right?  Great job to Colleen and Project Change! 

Did you know…Joanne will be saying good-bye to her Kitty Sisters next spring as she accepts a promotion and transfers to Denver?  This comes as bittersweet news as we will miss Joanne and her lively sense of humor, but our frowns were turned upside down when it dawned on us…VACATION DESTINATION!  Joanne eagerly invited each and every one of the Kitties to come for a visit and stay as long as we liked.  She will be happy to provide all room and board simply for the sweet, sweet joy of our company.  (OK, maybe Joanne didn’t say that, but I’m certain she meant to.)

Did you know…Denise is looking for a new bike?  She’s in the very beginning stages of doing her due diligence, but there were eight other Kitties around the table who were more than willing to offer our expert opinions.  That’s what we do, am I right?  Good luck, Denise!

Did you know…it’s risky to deposit twenty $100 bills into an ATM?  Some would have preferred the night deposit or handing the money directly to a teller, but then we wouldn’t have enjoyed the hi-lar-ious story of trying to shove a stack of $100 bills into an ATM, now would we Joanne?

And of course, there were the new bikes to be debuted.  Maureen and Joanne…yep, thems was a couple of proud Kitties!  MEOW!

After all our buckets of pop were drained and every last chip was plucked from the baskets, we said our good-byes and biked up for the long, exhausting 27-mile journey home.  I’m extremely happy to say that every last one of us got safely tucked in our garages before all hell broke loose and Mother Nature threw a sh#t fit!  Some may call that dumb luck…some may call it two kick-ass Kitties who know how to plan the hell out of a ride!

Those on board the “May” Be Ride were Janice, Colleen, Joanne, Dawn, Nellie, Melaina, Christine, Maureen and Denise.

Janice – KKMC Founder


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