Special Skills Motorcycle Training

Our resident motorcycle training expert, Tesney Janzen, has made arrangements for the Krome Kitties to have a special skills motorcycle training session conducted by an experienced and licensed instructor. This is closed to KKMC only so it’ll just be your friends on the course with you. Ok, wait….here’s the best part. It’s FREE!! Yep, not one red cent!

The course will be on the west side of the college’s sports arena. It will be coned off. We will park north of the cones.

We will use our own bikes and everyone MUST wear a helmet and eye protection.

As Tresney stated to me, we don’t want this to be a stressful or embarrassing experience for anyone, but even the most accomplished riders can benefit from extra training. And when that training is being offered by an instructor who is a “master at his craft” and it’s FREE, how can you not take advantage of that?

Following the training, we can all go have an early dinner if there is interest in doing that.