May Meow Mixer – Lunch at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Does it seem like we have a Kitty Event every week? That’s because we have! However, after this Meow Mixer, the schedule will be less packed. May 1st is International Female Ride Day so we had to get together for that!
What to bring: Cash for the 50/50 drawing ($5.00 for six tickets.) Also, several years ago, I passed out KKMC International Female Ride Day buttons. If you still have yours, be sure to wear it. For those who are new or those who can’t find your button, I’ll bring a supply. I’m including a picture so you know what you’re looking for.
What I will bring: Any Kitty Mall items I have ready to deliver. I’ll notify you in advance if I will be delivering items to you so you can bring payment if you haven’t already paid.
Fuzzy’s Tacos: We will be in their banquet room so we can be loud and proud! We will be ordering off the menu that day so nothing needs to be done in advance.
Extended Ride: For those who are able and want to, we will ride to Twister City to have a little ride time together.
Ride or Drive: Meow Mixers are always a ride or drive event. I understand people may be coming from something else or have to go somewhere after, so don’t let not being able to ride stop you from attending.
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday, April 29th.

April Meow Mixer – Brunch at the Fusion Restaurant

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re kinda big. Not like as in a big deal, although we are definitely that, but big as in size. As is natural with a group of our size, people gravitate to others who have similar interests and ages. Even though COVID robbed us of our Christmas party last year (curse you COVID!), it gave us private gift exchanges which provided some of us an opportunity to get to know someone we hadn’t had a chance to chat with before. For Kathryn Langrehr, that sparked an idea. What if we had a Meow Mixer where Kitties were paired at tables with those who they most likely didn’t know well? What about that Janice? Janice thought it was brilliant! Kathryn and I selected the April Meow Mixer as the event to really Meow Mix it up. We pretty much know who hangs out with who, so after the RSVP deadline has passed, we will look at those who are attending and seat them at a table with those who they don’t normally spend time with. You could even come armed with a few conversation starters such as, where did you grow up, what do you do for fun besides ride a motorcycle, what’s your pet peeve, where do you work and what do you do, etc. I’m excited about this “get to know you” exercise and I think we all will benefit from learning more about our Sisters!
What to bring: Cash for the 50/50 drawing (six tickets for $5.00.)
What I will bring: Any Kitty Mall items that I have ready to deliver. I will notify you in advance if I will be delivering item(s) so you can bring your payment if you haven’t already paid.
Menu: Because we most likely will be a large group, the restaurant will provide a couple of set meal selections and will send those to me. You won’t need to choose your selection in advance, but you’ll know what you will have to choose from that day. I’ll do a separate post on the meal options when I receive them.
RSVP: Please RSVP by no later than end of day, Wednesday, April 21st.

August Meow Mixer – Painting Party

Get your creative juices flowing and join us for a painting party! You don’t have to be a skilled artist as there will be an instructor there guiding you every step of the way.

Sheryl Pennington has graciously offered us the use of the banquet room at her workplace. Sure, that might be a funeral home, but no worries. You are will be well away from the dearly departed.

What to bring: $20 for the instructor. A snack and beverage of your choice. Since this is not a riding event, that beverage can be moonshine if you choose.

As a reminder, we voted on the image to paint and the result of that vote was to paint a sleek Kitty with a heart.

Please RSVP by Monday, August 12th.

October Meow Mixer

.The October Meow Mixer is a multi-event day.

We’ll start off by meeting at 11:00 a.m. at the WichiKitty wall that was discussed on Facebook last month. We’ll have our picture taken there and hopefully, the day will be nice enough that we can ride and get a bike or two in the shot. This is located on the northwest corner of Douglas and Hydraulic – 1520 E. Douglas.

We will then have lunch at Playa Azul at 111 N. Washington.

Following lunch, we will go the Wichita Family Crisis Center to have a Fall Festival for the Moms and kids. We will have games, ice cream and our version of Trick or Treat. They are located at 1111 S. St. Francis.

In addition, we will have a collection of needed items for WFCC. A separate post will be made about that soon.

Please RSVP by Thursday, October 17th if you plan to attend.


May Meow Mixer and International Female Ride Day

.Plan to join us on International Female Ride Day with a lunch run to Yoder, where we will eat at the Carriage Crossing Restaurant. You know what they do really well at Carriage Crossing? PIE!! So if you choose to eat pie before lunch or AS your lunch, we promise not to judge you!

Meet at the QuikTrip at K96 and N. Ridge Rd. (4051 N. Ridge Rd.) at 10:15 am with kickstands up at 10:45 am.

IMPORTANT REMINDER! Don’t forget to wear your KKMC International Female Ride Day buttons that were given to you last year. For the new Kitties and those who didn’t get one last year, I will give one to you.

April Meow Mixer and Safety Meeting

Join us for lunch and our annual safety meeting at The Fusion Restaurant.  Our Safety Officer, Dawn Morse, will be presenting important safety information such as  hand signals, pulling over with a disabled rider,  riding on gravel, riding in the rain, checking your bike before a ride, group formation, entering a highway and more.  We will leave time for Q & A.

This is a rain or shine event.  If the weather isn’t good for riding, then cage it!

Safety is the #1 priority for KKMC.  Fun is #2.  Please make every effort to attend this event so we can be educated on how to get all our Sisters home safely from each ride.