2022 Safety Meeting

Join us for lunch and our annual Safety Meeting at Playa Azul in Old Town.
Our Safety Officer, Christine Allsman, will be presenting important safety information such as hand signals, pulling over with a disabled biker, riding on gravel, riding in the rain, checking your bike before a ride, group formation, group riding, entering and exiting a highway and more. We will also leave time for Q&A.
Safety is the #1 priority for KKMC. Fun is #2. Please make every effort to attend this event so we can be educated on how to get all our Sisters to and from each ride safely.
This is a ride or drive event.
Please RSVP by no later than Monday, March 28th. I have a private room reserved, but the restaurant needs a firm headcount a few days before.

January Winter Event – Brunch at Jimmy’s Egg

I’m way early in setting up this Event, but I’m leaving Monday for the rest of the month and it’s highly unlikely I will remember to do this once I’m in vacation mode.
The Events Kitties, Kristi Evans and Tanya Horn, are planning a brunch get together for January. Winter Events are always driving events, but who knows, we might get lucky and have one of those 70° days on the 22nd, so this would be a perfect excuse to saddle up!
I will get the 50/50 tickets to someone so you can still have a chance of losing….I mean, winning some moolah. Six tickets for $5.00.
Please RSVP by Thursday, January 20th, by clicking Going or Not Going on this event. For those who indicate they are a Maybe and doesn’t change their status by the 20th will be considered Not Going. Tanya and Kristi will be watching the numbers so they can turn in a headcount to the restaurant.
Thank you!

February Winter Event – Bowling Night

Don’t be a gutter ball and join us for a fun night of bowling!
The price is $14.00 per person which covers two hours of bowling. For an additional fee, you can take a spin around the go-kart track or have a virtual reality experience.
The Alley has a Superdome pizza that is 29″. I’ve had that before and it’s good pizza. KKMC will pay for the pizza. Beverages will be each Kitty’s responsibility. No alcohol please! If you opt out of the pizza and want to order something else from the menu, that will be at your own expense.
Please RSVP by noon Sunday, February 13th. We MUST confirm our headcount to the bowling alley, so it’s very important that you RSVP on time.
Be sure to wear a Kitty shirt!