Bike Blessing – Palm Sunday

Meeting location: Plaza West Shopping Center. This is on the southwest corner of Central and West St. There is a Taco Shop right on the corner and the mall is directly behind that. If you need gas, please fill up beforehand. Meeting at this location gives us plenty of space to gather and it’s only two right hand turns to get to the church, which will give us a better chance of staying together.
Meeting time: 11:15 with kickstands up at 11:45 sharp!
The Blessing: Pastor Clayton, Pastor Bob and Pastor Brandon will perform the blessings. They will bless your throttle hand, helmet, bike and anything else you want them to.
If you are unable to ride your bike for whatever reason, feel free to come in your car and you and your helmet can still be blessed.
Lunch: Spears Restaurant, 4323 W. Maple, where they have PIE!
The Bike Blessing is open to everyone so feel free to invite family and friends. The lunch is for Kitties only.
13 day forecast: partly sunny skies with a high of 59°. If this stays true, we will proceed. If it gets too much colder, we will probably reschedule. A lot can happen in 13 days.
Please RSVP by March 24th